Edit TMX files online

Secure right here in the browser

Edit and view Translation Memory Exchange files here!

Open your *.tmx file with any text editor, then copy-paste all the contents into the box below, then click "Convert to chart". The source-target sentence pairs in the TMX file will be placed neatly into a chart which will appear below. You can edit the source-target segments right there in the chart (in 100-pair chunks). When you have completed editing, click the "Re-convert to TMX" button, and the contents will be re-converted to TMX format, which you can then copy-paste right back into the original *.tmx file via a text editor.

Security Note: This process takes place via JQuery, within your web browser itself, so it is 100% confidential. The contents of your TMX file are simply parsed and put into a client-side (that's your side!) array, not uploaded to any server during this process. It is a text-parsing process that uses JQuery, and occurs right within your browser.

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