Trados Plugin Development for Freelancers and Corporations

Trados Studio translation plugins to eliminate translation errors, speed up your workflow, and reduce translation-related costs.

Eliminate Errors with TBTM_Align: Verify that the term pairs in your Termbases are actually present in your Translation Memories. If term-misalignments exists, fix them in realtime.

Speed up your workflow with On-the-fly Glossary: Analyze the contents of your Trados Project file, finding the most commonly-occuring words and phrases. Then, make a termbase including those phrases and add it to your Project before beginning translation.

Reduce costs with Crawl'n Search: Search all the Project files on your computer or server to find source and target segments that contain specific words or phrases.

Automate translation more reliably with GoogleCloud'w Glossary: Use the world-famous Google Translation API from directly within Trados, and supply a termbase to make sure the target translations come out in-line with your glossary.

Make your style guide more visible with Pinpoint_StyleGuide: Find specific source sentences to which your company style guide relates, then add comments only to those segments.

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